About Us


Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd officially opened its doors in September 2011. The company was created by David Fishwick, a local business man, and the largest supplier of Minibuses in the U.K. After the recession began in late 2008 to early 2009, Dave found that many of the customers he had done business with for many years were, through no fault of their own, struggling to obtain loans from their High Street Banks. Dave decided that if the Banks weren’t willing to help ordinary people, then he would! Under the slogan “Bank on Dave!” and using the correct legal channels, Dave obtained the necessary documentation required to issue loans, and, feeling that High Street Banks treat people as credit scores and not individuals, decided to return to basics. As such, Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd DO NOT use a generic credit score, choosing a more personal approach to underwriting and dealing with all customers on a case by case basis. Once everything was in place to enable Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd to provide loans, Dave turned his attention towards savings. The first thing he noticed was just how little people were being offered on their savings. He decided that Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd should offer a highly competitive rate of interest, making customer’s savings work harder for them. And so, with the assistance of a great team of lawyers, Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd found a way of offering 5% AER in the form of a certificate for lenders and borrowers. Once this was in place, Dave decided that Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd should make charitable donations from our profits to a variety of different charities and good causes.


Dave set himself the goal of opening Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd and to have the company in profit within 180 days. Not an easy task, but a challenge Dave wanted to tackle face-on! So, in his own inimitable style, Dave went about meeting business owners in the Lancashire area who had been turned down for finance by their own Banks. Dave watched as the businesses owners went about their daily tasks, and made a decision based on common sense to lend them the funds they required. After being open for almost 6 months, our accounts showed a profit of over £10,000, proving once and for all that common sense could prevail! And yes, the profit was donated to a mixture of local charities!


In 2011, when Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd first opened, the office consisted of 3 members of staff, one room and a “chicken shed.” Fast forward to July 2015, and the once tiny office has now expanded to over 10 members of staff, one main room, loads of offices, and even a board room! …And the “chicken shed!” The company continues to make decisions based on experience and good, old fashioned common sense! Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd now lend millions of pounds to thousands of people, and have helped a large number of different charities and good causes. David now also works with Channel 4 to create television that makes a difference to people’s lives, and is currently working with Warner Bros. And so, over the last few years, Dave and the team have proved that the financial industry can also be socially responsible