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    “Savers earn five per cent interest on their savings – better than any interest rate on the high street.”

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    “Time to listen to Einstein and the Bank of Dave.”

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    “Unlike the big banks, Dave is at least lending, the Rates allow him to give savers a good return and his profits go to charity.David Fishwick wants to change the face of banking one town at a time.”

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    “Pensioners earn 5% on their money – better than any best-buy deal on offer from the high Street Banks.”

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    “Sick and Tired of witnessing the greed of the financial industry while local businesses are being denied the loans to keep them afloat, David Fishwick has made a plan – and it’s a simple one. To open a new local bank which runs efficiently, keeps its overheads low and provides a straight up five per cent interest rate on savings.”

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    “Dave meets the people he lends his money to, and he knows the property he invests in. His decisions are based on more than the credit scores or the value of security.”

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    “Unlike the faceless peer to peer websites, the lender has a town centre branch and the style is what Dave calls “good old-fashioned banking”, Captain Mainwaring banking.”

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    “Dave and his right hand man, David Henshaw, who has 40 years of experience in banking and finance, meet loan applicants in person on Monday mornings, and use common sense and local knowledge, plus a close look at the books to make their decisions. There is no credit scoring.”

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    “His idea was breathtakingly simply. Instead of doing what the big banks do – rigging the Libor rate, gambling with fiendishly complicated financial instruments that nobody understands, helping corporate customers avoid paying tax and paying themselves huge bonuses even as they brought the entire financial system down to its knee – Dave Fishwick wanted to set up a small bank that served in the local community.”

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    "Dave successfully raises £2 million to open pop up job centers across the UK for disadvantaged kids."
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    "Russia Today provides an insight into Burnley Savings and Loans ltd."
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    "BOD makes 4 part series that is shown around the world."
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    "Dave gets interviewed by Al Jazeera which has over 1 Billion viewers."
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  • It is towards this model that the world should move.

    Steve Baker, MP, Banking in Britain All Party Parliamentary Group chairman
  • William Hague, MP visited David Fishwick recently to discuss business and the economy.

  • I would like to see much more of Dave Fishwick… One of the things I’m doing is launching the British Busi-bess Bank which is encour-aging new people in bank-ing… and I’m sure dave will have a big role to play in that.

    Vince Cable, Lib Dem MP
  • The beauty of the Bank on Dave is that you’ve got people coming here who’ve been rejected by the high street banks. The kind of relationship that Dave has with these businesses is great.

    Chukka Umunna, MP, Shadow Business Secretary
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