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About Us

Early Days

Burnley Savings and Loans (BSAL) officially opened its doors in September 2011. The company was created by local business man David Fishwick who had noticed that people were finding it increasingly difficult to obtain loans from their High Street Banks. He decided that he could help, and created Burnley Savings and Loans Limited, trading under the slogan “Bank on Dave!”, to return to the basic model of old fashioned local banking. By creating a team to offer a personal service, BSAL could issue loans and deal with all its customers on a case by case basis.  Once this was in place, Dave decided that any profits from the scheme should be put back into the community; within 6 months BSAL returned its first profits donating them to a variety of different charities and good causes.

Continued Growth

Since its early days BSAL has now grown. The office which had consisted of 3 members of staff, has now expanded to create a team of experienced friendly staff, and a suite of offices in our high street branch in the heart of Burnley. The company continues to make decisions based on experience and good, old fashioned common sense, making a difference to small businesses and real people, and has also helped a large number of different charities and good causes along the way. Through his media profile, and his many award winning consumer TV series shown in the UK and abroad, Dave has continued to lobby parliament to make changes to the banking industry, and educate people with tips  helping them to improve their businesses and finances. He firmly believes that BSAL is the way of the future, and wants to prove that the financial industry can also be socially responsible.

New Challenges

Currently BSAL is applying to become a UK regulated bank; “The Bank of Dave”; a bank for the community, run by the community, offering an expanded range of products to an expanded audience.

David Fishwick

david fishwick and david henshaw

David Fishwick & David Henshaw

burnley savings and loans opening day

Grand Opening