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Since the Channel 4 Series "Bank Of Dave" and the popular "Get Rich Quick" series the cameras and filming just hasn't stopped as Dave continues to help the british public save money and find the best deals.

the popular channel 4 TV series "Bank Of Dave!"

It’s Dave versus the Goliaths of the banking world as Channel 4 follows one man’s fight to bring old-fashioned banking back to the High Street. With the global financial system in a mess, bankers in disrepute and their customers feeling short-changed, straight-talking minibus supplier Dave Fishwick has had enough. If the high street banks aren’t lending enough to keep the economy going, why doesn’t he just start his own? Surely it can’t be that difficult? Catchphrase ” Hi i’m Dave from Burnley”

From the popular channel 4 TV series "Bank Of Dave!" THE BOOK

Dave Fishwick is a self-made, straight-talking man from Burnley who hates the banks. Published to tie in with a Channel 4 series of the same name, this is the story of his attempt to set up a simple, no-nonsense bank that actually cares about its customers. Dave plans to put hundreds of thousands of pounds of his own money into the enterprise; he will offer his customers a far better rate of interest than they get on the high street; he will lend to struggling local businesses that the banks don’t want to know about; and he aims to bring the Bank of Dave into profit within 180 days. If he succeeds, he’ll give whatever he makes to charity. If he fails, he’ll make a terrible loss and ruin his hard-earned reputation as a successful businessman.

Can one man really take on the banking giants and make a real difference to local businesses and his community? Dave Fishwick certainly hopes so.

Channel 4 - Stephs Packed Lunch

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Dave’s Most recent TV work in 2022 was Channel 4 Steph’s Packed Lunch

Steph speaks to Dave “How To Quit Your Job…But Win At Work”

BBC "Your money and your life"

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Your Money and Your Life with the BBC alongside Matt Allwright and Kym Marsh a consumer rights show, covering everything from holidays and health to life at work and at home and featuring advice and tips from experts.

15 Part Series Featuring Dave Fishwick, Kim Marsh, and Matt Allwright.

In this video clip Kym Marsh Asks Dave “What is the most important decision you have ever made?” 

Bank reform - Steve Baker Speaks About Bank Of Dave

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  • In House Of Commons

Steve Bakers Speech in the second reading debate on the Financial Services (Banking Reform) Bill, I referred to Dave Fishwick’s documentary “Bank of Dave” and the two bank reforms which would make real progress towards ending the problems created by the banking system: either constitutional fiat money or, preferably, free banking.

Channel 4 Secret Millions
Series 1 Episode 3

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  • Series 1 Episode 3 – Dave helps secure 2 million funding

The Secret Millions follows him and the Foyer Federation as they start a ‘Pop-up Talent Shop’, going into the heart of deprived communities. The Foyer Federation have devised a project where, instead of the unemployed going to job centres, employers go to them in pop-up talent shops run by young people. The job shop could pop up anywhere, from shopping centres to community centres or even on the streets. Designed to encourage young people into the workplace, and often away from crime, the shop introduces local employers to people they would never normally consider hiring.

Channel 4

First Dave Fishwick took on the bankers with Bank of Dave, now he’s tackling payday loan companies and looking for a new ways to help people trapped in cycles of debt get back on track

Channel 4 "Bank Of Dave!" Can property pay your wages

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Businessman Dave Fishwick helps ordinary developers whose property projects have hit trouble.

Dave meets Dee Lazzerini and Steve Woodford, who have put their life savings on a place in Poole, and Sam and Elise in Winchester, who are sitting on a potential goldmine.

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season 1 episode 1

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First Dave Fishwick took on the bankers with Bank of Dave, now he’s tackling payday loan companies and looking for a new ways to help people trapped in cycles of debt get back on track

Channel 4 (warner Bros)
Shopper's Guide To Saving Money

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Are we getting a good deal on the things we spend our hard earned cash on? That’s the question posed by Dave Fishwick and Kate Quilton in this new series that investigates the true value of our must buy products and services. we gain access to big corporations and industry insiders to find out how much things really cost to make, crunch the numbers to work out if we’re getting a good deal, and give viewers advice on the best ways to save money on everything from pets to printer ink, jeans, airline tickets, diamonds, perfume, gas bills and even funerals.

Channel 4 - daves guide to spending money

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Dave Fishwick explores whether products are worth the price the public is willing to pay for them. He creates his own range of bottled water, drawn from the tap, and tries to sell it to fashionable restaurants. He also sets up his own renewable power station in his back garden with the goal of generating enough electricity to run Burnley’s Christmas lights for free.

Channel 4 "Bank Of Dave!"
How to get rich quick!

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Self-made millionaire, Dave Fishwick, will help ordinary people to ‘get rich quick in a new 7 x 30-minute features series for Channel 4. How To Get Rich Quick will chart Fishwick’s attempts to teach people the money-making skills which helped him become a self-made millionaire.  

With Dave’s great tips – his money-making manifesto –  at the heart of the series, the show aims to give people practical tools to make their money grow. There is also invaluable insight into the world of personal finance. 

Al Jazeera speaks to David Fishwick

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  • Al Jazeera speak to David Fishwick

    We speak to David Fishwick, about his decision to take on the banks and the system which regulates them, to set up his own small-time bank for everyday people – the ‘Bank of Dave’

“When people rob banks they got to prison, when banks rob people they get bonuses…”

Dave Fishwick - Guest Speaker At Business Event

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  • Guest Speaking

Self-made millionaire and founder of Bank Of Dave, Dave Fishwick, is often booked for guest speaking at business events, where he often shares his life story, provides inspiration, motivation and very entertaining.

David Fishwick Minibus ITV Commecial Video

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  • David Fishwicks Very Own ITV  Minibus Sales Advert

When it comes to daves very own Minibus business who better than Dave Fishwick himself to promote his talent and knowledge-creating and staring himself.

RT News Global - Live Interview

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  • UK businessman proclaims “Bank on Dave” change the system


A businessman Dace Fishwick proclaims himself a financial institution in a campaign to spearhead changes to the system. Your going to love this guy!

Channel 4 "Bank Of Dave!" - Aired By CNBC America

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CNBC Aired the “bank Of Dave” series on american TV

Channel 4 "Bank Of Dave!"

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CNBC Aired the “bank Of Dave” series on Indian TV

Dave Fishwick featuring in the many news and media articles across the world

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